chris (_fool) wrote in unixadmin,

text editor tricks

wow, nobody's posted here for 6 months. anyone still here?

if so, i need some fun help! i'm running a "text editor wars" competition tomorrow at a geek conference and i need more tasks for the warriors to complete and see who can do it fastest in their editor of choice. i'm thinking stuff like "regexp search and replace", "find the missing brace", "rot13 this document" (i know, it's trivial in vi/emacs, but only if you know the tricks!), "indent this code", "reformat this paragraph".

my plan is to make each event standalone and do first/second/third place and see who ends up with the best average placement to see who wins. but this would be more fun with a whole lot more challenges.

help! (and, especially, example text with example solution text would be appreciated since my timeline is pretty compressed. i'm doing this as a volunteer effort, you're not doing my homework, no warranty express/implied, etc)

thanks in advance =)
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