Nate (reboot_kid) wrote in unixadmin,

Suggestions for a better way to solve the problem?

So, I'm out here looking for suggestions. My current situation involves file permissions.

I've got a solution, but it's not a good solution, IMHO, and I'm looking for better ideas.

Here's the situation:
User A and User B are in the same group
A file is created by User A
User B facilitates the transfer of said file off to a 3rd party
After the transfer is complete, I want User B to remove said file
User B is prohibited from having write access to said file or directory.

I started out by trying some file permissions stuff.
R-X doesn't seem to do the trick at all.

My current solution, IMHO, sucks.
I have User B create a file in /tmp
I have a cron job that runs every 5 minutes and checks for the presense of said file.
If the file exists, it removes both the files created by User A and User B

So, anyone got any ideas?
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