chris (_fool) wrote in unixadmin,

the state of backup technology

it's been...a long time since i was in charge of backups. well over a decade. using tar and hand-changed tapes that held less than a gigabyte are my history.

suddenly our managed backup solution is ditching us. i need to backup 200GB (uncompressed, much source code and some database dumps and graphics), most of which changes not-very-often, and i need to do it in a data center that is not at our office, and it would be nice if the solutions didn't take up much room in the rack at the data center and didn't cost an arm and a leg. we definitely don't need a robot if we can get decent-capacity tapes. i don't want to visit the data center every day, but every week is definitely acceptable. i do want to backup every day (incremental, obviously).

what's hip in scsi or net backup these days? and by hip i mean in the sweet spot price/sizewise. i'm willing to consider either NAS or something scsi-tape based (we don't have any FC infrastructure and i don't want to add it.)

i'm also interested to know if anyone has experience doing offsite, online backups with some reputable third party. sure, i can rsync to J Random Box, but i'd like some organization with accountability that runs in the $1-2k/mo price slot for our quantities. I've gotten quasi-quotes from a few like evault and amerivault in that price range, but personal experience about companies whose backup clients that don't suck would be awesome. i've used networker with distaste in the past, and getting tivoli running on our 64bit ubuntu was a challenge i'd like not to repeat--probably wouldn't have been too bad if we controlled the server as well. sigh.

thanks in advance for your help!
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