Rock Hammershaft, aka Enrique Schwarzenegger (digital_space) wrote in unixadmin,
Rock Hammershaft, aka Enrique Schwarzenegger

GRE tunnel with Solaris

Long-shot here: does anyone know if I can create GRE tunnel interface with Solaris 10? My interest is in using Squid 2.7 (yes, not stable yet) + WCCPv2, but would rather not get into a situation where MAC addresses have to be rewritten.

Obviously Linux can do this without issue, and I'm happy to throw together a Debian system for this purpose. I should mention that I have not yet tested WCCP on either OS yet and am still in the information gathering phase of this project. My knowledge of Solaris is not as good as Linux, but there area few reasons why Sol 10 would be a potentially good fit for this.
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