Attck of teh AzN Cow flu! (cowbert) wrote in unixadmin,
Attck of teh AzN Cow flu!
unixadmin upgrade fucked up my gamma

I upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3 after upgrading to FreeBSD 6.3. I even did a clean reinstall by killing every X-related port there was and rebuilding it.

Whence before, I didn't have to do gamma correction on my BenQ FP731 + Radeon X300, now in order to not be blinded when I'm in X, I had to:

[peter@cowbert]:~ % xgamma
-> Red 0.450, Green 0.450, Blue 0.400

But it's still not right. I've reset the monitor to more or less its defaults (sRGB temp, 40% contrast, 30% brightness). But at these funny xgamma settings (aren't gamma supposed be > 1 if they really need adjusting?), my whites are still a bit too bright, but the other colors are really too dark. And if I bump them up the colors never really fix themsevles but then everything gets all washed out and I get a headache :( It's as if the whites are too white and the blacks are too black and there's nothing I can do to get them to move from their respective extremes (because trying to lighten the blacks makes the whites worse).

Clearly something is borked, and it only happened after I upgraded X.
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